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First O-Lite, Inc.

OLED light panels, OLED desk lamps, OLED night lights, Novelty OLED lights

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  • Phone: +86-25-68038866
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    No.11, Xingjian Road, Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
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Company Profile
Founded in 2010 by Dr. Wang Jinshan, an internationally famed polymer chemist, and Dr. Tyan Yuan-Sheng, one of the world's top OLED lighting experts, First O-Lite is striving to carve a niche within the lighting industry which is undergoing a major restructuring with the advent of solid state lighting. First O-Lite is the first Chinese company that pioneered in the research, development and industrialization of high-quality white light OLED panels. First O-Lite was created for the exciting challenge of developing top-class and cost-competitive OLED lighting products that offer a high level of flexibility in design for designers and architects while delivering totally uniform, smooth and visually comfortable illumination with no glare and shadow projection.

Located in Nanjing, China, FOL's OLED industrialization facilities went into pilot-scale production in 2012 and developed 200mm×200mm OLED light panels. The large-scale production of OLED panel with over 65lm/W efficacy at 3000 cd/m2, a T70 lifetime of over 20,000hrs, and size at 370mm×470mm was launched in 2013. The 2-Gen OLED lighting production line, with an annual capacity of 20,000 square meters, is one of the several in-line production lines in the world. FOL's white light OLEDs are hybrid devices that use a fluorescent blue emitter along with red and blue phosphorescent emitters. This hybrid tandem architecture offers an array of benefits including significant lifetime improvement, reduced shorting defects, improved panel uniformity by reduced IR loss, flexibility in color adjustment, ease in construction of hybrid devices, reduced area-based materials and processing costs.

First O-Lite is making every effort to bridge the gap between today's science and tomorrow's market. Compared to OLED displays that have grown from a research lab concept to a commercially viable technology, OLED lighting is still gaining momentum for full-level commercialization to compete with LED lighting which already has an attractive upfront cost for the ongoing massive market entry. FOL proactively stretches out to the consumer market in an effort explore the addressable niches in a highly fragmented market driven by the diversity of customer needs. FCL seeks to integrate the creativity of the design community to bring to the market a cutting edge line of OLED lighting products that creates a seamless lighting experience for consumers who attach a great degree of importance to light quality and design features.

First O-Lite's products are defined around value propositions of the target markets. FOL's super cute line of OLED night lights softly illuminate your child's room with a healthy, soothing ambience. With a CRI level of 90+, FOL's OLED desk lamps will always deliver comfortable and natural lighting to minimize eye strain and fatigue for reading intensive environments while producing no glare, UV or blue light. The company is developing a variety of futuristic luminaires and furniture lighting elements by harnessing its vast R&D resources. With a passion for innovation and openness to collaboration, First O-Lite is identifying its way for a differentiation.
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